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Didn’t we vote for Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India but the well- oiled PR machinery of PM have given us a lot beyond that? From Rambo to Chai Wala to Pradhan Sevak to the person with 56-inch to Fakir to now Chowkidar PM is all in one personality. Wow! Isn’t it just amazing that we asked for a PM but we got so much with him?

I am a fakir (hermit)…Jhola Ley Kar Chaley Jayenge (I will exit with my little belongings),”

This is what Modi said in his speech after the demonetisation confronting the people who were involved in Black money.

PM remark surely gives one so much inspiration in life that everything is possible in this world. If a fakir can travel all over the world and live a lifestyle like PM and yes that too with "56" inch ka Seena, then surely anyone can do anything.

Do you know? This 56" inch ka Seena had its origin in a response to Mulayam Singh's challenge that he won't allow Modi to turn UP into another Gujarat.

Well! people who spent lifetime lifting heavy weights fails in getting 56” inch ka Seena but PM Modi has a 56” inch ka Seena being the prime minister. How do you get so much time to maintain your body and most importantly did you measure your Seena?

I guess he has 56” inch ka Seena because how then he would have rescued 15,000 Gujarati pilgrims from the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand as the ‘RAMBO’.

Oh, how can we forget our PM’s Chai-Wala remark which inspired so many Chai-Wala that they can also become PM as well but can anyone tell me On which station did he use to sell tea? Just for curiosity.


And Do you know the #meinbhichowkidar campaign which has a become hot trend had its origin in the 2014 elections?

Well, last I just want to thank you for being the Pradhan Sevak, the identity which you disclosed on your maiden Independence speech.

“My beloved countrymen! I have come here not as a ’ Pradhan Mantri’ (PM) but a ‘Pradhan Sewak’ (prime servant).

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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