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The childhood days are the best days of everyone’s life. Whenever anyone thinks about it they are lost in those memories which they probably want to live again and again. Sadly, one cannot reverse the cycle of time and go back to that time but we can surely cherish those beautiful memories by remembering that time.

So I have come with some of the games that we used to play in our childhood and some of these are evergreen games which will stay with us forever?

1. Chidiya udh…

Whenever we felt bored and our mind got confused about what to do this was probably one of the games which were an escape for most of us. There was nothing much in the game but we laugh out ass by making people fool by flying things like cow, goat and sheep and then arguing about the flying clothes “KAPDE TOH HAWA MEIN UDTE HAI NA”.

2. FLAMES- Our relationship tester

Remember how we used to decide the status of our relationship by playing FLAMES where we used to write our name and our partner’s name in a paper, strikeout all the matching letters in both of names and count the remaining letters.


This is the game of today’s generation which we have also played probably with our younger nephew and niece.

‘ HIDE AND SEEK’, ONCH NEECH KA PADPA, PAKDAM PAKDAI, CHUHA CHUTH KI BIMARI,BARAF PANI’ are some other fun games which we will cherish forever.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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