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Festivals are surely the time which breaks the boredom of a dull and monotonous life. One is filled with the sheer amount of energy and enthusiasm in life and expect some unusual thing to happen in their life

If you are in office you expect a long weekend as the festival is about to make its way. One question that strikes in everyone’s mind which they surely are curious about is “ Hmari kitni chuti hai”? Probably a holiday on the day of the festival is not enough for us. We expect at least an off before the festival and after the festival. ‘ Itna toh hakk banta hi waise hmara’. Isn’t it?

So if our work does not provide us a long weekend and we have failed poorly in our attempt to convince our Manager and HR we surely try our last option which is managing to convince our Manager and HR for leave because we know “ Isse Jyada Kuch Ni Milega Hame”.

Next question or I would say the expectation is knowing about how would the festival be celebrated at our workplace. Will we get to eat something delicious? Will we have a party? What gift would be given at the festival? These are some of the questions that pop up in everyone’s mind as the festival knocks our lives.

Lastly, we are interested in knowing about everyone’s plans for the festival because we surely don’t want to miss anything important in life and have the best of our plans. Isn’t it? So, What are things that usually come to your mind as the festival approaches?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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