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Superheroes not only exist in comics or in movies, instead, but they also exist for real as well. People who are born out of adversity, with unique traits that make them stand out in a crowd. I don’t know whether you have seen any of them or not, well they exist and walk among us every day- don’t believe us? Just check out the picture below that are proof of showing the mystery of nature.

Might be your parents, even almost all parents told to their each child that he or she is special and there is no one else like him or her on this whole plane, yes you are special but there are some people that are actually extraordinary, that despite their parent everyone who meets them says they are unique. And this is only because of the rare physical appearance that they inherited from their family traits.

Scroll to check some of these pictures:

#1 Same birthmark as her mother

A newborn baby was born with the same birthmark on the hair as her mother. This trait is known as Poliosis that happen because of the lack of melanin on any part of the hair.

#2 Iris of the eyes split into half:

No, the iris is not parted away into the half, actually, the person has acquired the trait that resulted in the dual color of his iris. This disorder is known as sectoral heterochromia.

#3 Mirror hand

In common language, the person has two hands attached to one arm. This is called as Ulnar Dimelia or mirror hand. In this deformity thumb is absent and the person has seven or eight fingers.

#4 The girl was born without a nail on a finger.

No nail, can you imagine your finger with this trait? No right…but this girl is born with the disorder and it is known as anonychia congenital, a genetic condition that affects the fingernails and toenails. People with this abnormality are usually missing all of their nails but in some cases it is partial.

#5 Only four fingers

The person is born with only four fingers and no thumb, his fourth finger (index finger) is on the place of a thumb. Symbrachydactyly is the condition where babies are born with an underdeveloped hand.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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