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When you want to heat your food, make delicious Briyani, when you want to eat fry food but without any oil, bake your pizza or grill your cheese sandwich, what is that one thing you need, of course, it is- Microwave. Today, we have not so much time, so microwave has made our cooking so easy, and also most of us don’t have that “chefs’-cooking” tools that can give us perfect food. So here microwave comes as a savior, right!

But, while using Microwave, are you sure that you using it correctly? Your dish will you tell how much your microwave cooking skills are perfect. Most of us know how to cook using the microwave, right but many of us don’t use the right techniques. So let’s see what mistakes we do, and know how to correct it with the guidance of experts.

1. Mistake: Not playing with your food.

Sometimes your hottest microwave heats the surface of the food at a slower pace. ”That gives heat time to move toward the center of the food, heating the food fairly evenly,” Lam explains. “Microwaves heat the surfaces of food very quickly, but they can’t help the heat move towards the center of your food fast enough.”

2. Mistake: Heating your food uncovered.

We all usually do this. Actually, the cover on the top of your dish will ensure that your food will cook evenly. ”Use a microwave-safe splatter guard or lid,” says Suzanne Lasagna, chef Evaluator at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles, California. “That will keep steam in to help cook while containing any splattering to a minimum.”

3. Mistake: Using the wrong cover.

Repeat with us: “I will not use any plastic and paper cover will cooking food in the microwave”. ”Also avoid placing plastic wrap and paper bags in the microwave, as these items may have unsafe chemicals that can be released into food while it is cooking,” Lasagna says.

4. Mistake: Overlooking the importance of the turntable.

”Rotating may be required. Some manufacturers put turntables into microwave ovens so that your food moves into and out of those spots to help the food heat evenly. Others skip the turntable and try to even out the heat by embedding a fan-like device in the walls of the oven that directs the microwaves in a couple of different directions,” she says.

5. Mistake: Microwaving in a container that's not completely heat-safe.

Although it is safe for us to put food in the microwave-safe plastic container, it is simply not good for your overall health, as it is actually not completely “heat-safe”. Microwaves heat everything, not just the food,” Lam says. “Only microwave food in containers that are labeled microwave-safe. When in doubt, transfer your food from plastic to heat-proof glass or ceramic containers.”

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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