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The problem of unemployment is a gross one in India and there are many known reasons for it, the quality of education being the one reason. While there is a dearth of quality education and teachers in most of the universities, the top reputed universities of India like DU and IPU are no exceptions.

A few days back my friend shared the screenshot of the website of my university which had out-dated picture of the professor and when me and my friend was actually talking about how old picture was there on website, the ironical fact that came out of the discussion was that it’s just not the picture which is archaic but the enter curriculum and way things are taught are pretty much the same from years.

Our professors have been teaching our seniors and juniors from the past so many years from the same curriculum and not just what we are taught the manner in which we are taught is also quite out-dated. Same reference notes were forwarded by our seniors to us and we forwarded them to our juniors. This is how the cycle of sharing of notes has been going from batches. When technology has become so updated it is quite obvious that the market expectations from the students will also change but our education system is not quite matching to the required expectations.

The question is when we have such poor standards of higher education how can we really expect the students to excel in life.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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