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No doubts, moms have progressed in the work as well. She continues to hold her head high by handling the bulk of childcare, chores and family management along with succeeding quite well in the work domain. Seems like a quite idealistic situation, isn’t it? Not probably! While the load of the financial responsibilities is shared by both equally there continues to remain the burden of a sphere of household on the mom.

Can the situation probably be changed? It is quite possible; the only effort the moms need to put is in their child. This is how things can be changed for the coming generation.

You might also have observed in your family the mothers spend most of the time their daughters in cooking, shopping and whereas a father spends his time with son in their work or watching sports and other leisure activities. What really is required that a father also encourages the son to involve in household chores as well along with the mother equal motivation to both.

What is really needed is that there is no distinct categorization of the responsibilities that a specific gender is required to play because even if we teach the kids that there is no particular profession/ work attached to the specific gender there will exist inequalities if there exist categorization of works.

Thus if we really want that household responsibilities are equally shared by both men and women it should start right from the childhood of kids. Both father and mother need to take this load of teaching the kid together if we want gender stereotypes to end soon.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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