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Educating kids from the very starting about the healthy lifestyle and benefits of staying fit through yoga is one of the great things from the list of modern-parents’ upbringing. From different poses of yoga to benefits and reason why to indulge the child in yoga, can become the first step towards their great carer.

As yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that is usually adapted for relaxation, peace of mind and healthy living. And this the thing we have to make your small ones, as they are, future for relaxation, peace of mind and healthy living. And this the thing we have to make your small ones, as they are, the future of our country. Usually, people start doing yoga when they are in the mid-30s, or when they have certain health issues, to manage their stress, cut body fat and to manage positive attitude etc.

But if you want to make your kids’ mind stable from the start then you should know about some fun yoga games for kids, to introduce them with it. As an interesting introduction with them will them more curious about it.

Yoga Games

These games will not only help them in learning yoga but also develop their learning skills.

1. Yoga Race

This is not a typical race, in this instructor will make the kids stand in a line and say ‘start’, now the kids have to walk and reach the other point. Now here the yoga twist is that the instructor will shout a pose, and kids have to do that pose and reach to the other point.

2. Musical Yoga

You might have heard about the musical chair, but it is not like that, because it is musical yoga, so it must have a yoga twist. In this yoga are placed on the floor and the kids need to walk on them when the music starts. And whenever the music stops kids have to find for a yoga spot and have to pose whatever the pose in written on it.

3. Silly Train

This game might make you laugh on reading the name, but this game is so much fun for the kids. Kids have to line up in a line with their team. The team leader will stand in the front and will give command of the pose at the beginning of the music starts. Once the music starts kids have to dance in a silly way and after it’s stopped they have to be in the pose told by the leader. So fun, isn’t it?

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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