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The season of IPL is back which also marks the return of controversies; every year many controversies flow in as the IPL horn is honked and this year is no different and Ravichandran Ashwin is the first player to initiate this year’s ‘controversy’ saga.

So, Ashwin who is currently leading the Punjab team was battling against the ‘Rajasthan Royals’, Punjab had given Rajasthan a target of 185 which seemed like peanuts when Butler came on the crease and started his fireworks. Butler was playing very well and there seemed no stoppage to his bombastic innings. When Ashwin came to bowl in 13th over, he noticed that Butler was trying to cross the crease even before the ball is bowled, so very cleverly he removed the bails and appealed for the wicket; eventually, Butler was given out and this marked the first ‘mankading’ incident in the history of IPL.

However, Ashwin’s actions did not go well with many people and many cricket experts and former players condemned Ashwin for his act, everyone thought that the man should have shown some sportsmanship and warned Butler once before sweeping the bails. IPL chief Rajeev Shukla also commented on the issue and said: “If I remember in one of the meetings of captains & match referee where I was also present as chairman it had been decided that if non-striking batsman steps out bowler as a courtesy will not run him out. Most probably this meeting was in Kolkata on the eve of one of the editions of ipl where Dhoni & Virat both were present.”

Well, Ashwin, you should have shown some courtesy!
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- Shivam
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