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The culture of gobbling down news about its stars can be traced back to 1970 by Shobhaa De, the feisty former editor of Stardust. It was then when glossy papers were filled with the photographs of stars and ever since there have been climbing demand of celebs and their kids. While Celebs have been quite vocal about their viewpoint on Paparazzi Culture there has been not much discussion about it from the lens of Paparazzi’s and how does it work actually.

Paparazzi are actually independent photographers who take pictures of high-profile people, such as athletes, entertainers, politicians, and other celebrities, typically while subjects go about their usual life routines.

Ever wondered how these photographers are able to captivate every shot in their camera. It may seem an easy task but it isn’t. These paparazzi know nitty- gritty about the life of these stars. From remembering about the car numbers of the stars to knowing every bit of their daily schedules these Paparazzi have to keep a check on everyone so closely. It may sound hilarious but if you ever want to know about the whereabouts of your favorite stars then you can contact them because from the gym to the airport they follow them everywhere they could.

How does this paparazzi work is another important question
Firstly, they need to share these photographs in a quick of seconds because if these photos are posted on any social media then these photographs would definitely have no value. So paparazzi’s carries card reader and other basic necessities for sharing the files. The decision to sell those photographs basically depends on who is ready the higher price for the photographs.

These paparazzi have to go through a lot of dilemmas too. A lot of times the celebs are not willing to get clicked and sometimes they themselves not like intruding in their private lives especially the little kids of industry who are in demand but they have to tackle all these dilemmas to get those exclusive photos.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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