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There exist a small village in the mountains KYRGYZSTAN, where there is no male left, what remains there are the females and kids. Kids have been living there without their fathers and wives have to single-handled manage all the responsibilities alone from years.

There are hardly any markets at the place making it difficult to survive there. Thus the males of the family are forced to leave the house and work in foreign countries like Russia far from their places which is the only means of their survival. The place does not provide any source to work. Poverty has forced the men to leave the place and approximately 8 lakhs men have left the place.

Located in the hilly terrains it is even difficult to connect to the males through mobile phones. Women have to struggle hard every day to talk to their husbands. Thanks to the technology and internet that they are able to see each other at least on the phones.

The women who have been managing their lives in a similar way have been living the life which no one wants to imagine. She wants to live with her husband together but they have to live separately for their survival. Kids miss their fathers and the time spent with them but they are not able to meet them for years and they have no option except living without them. This is not the story of any particular family but every family who are living there from years.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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