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From the things on which you don't like to spend any more than a couple of dollars, people have bought those items in millions of dollar. These things are not connected to any history or anything that could make it that much expensive, though they are included in the list of weirdly expensive things.

Let us see the list on which you couldn’t believe are the perfect example of imbalance of wealth.

1. World’s Most Expensive Bathtub

How much you would spend when buying a bathtub for your bathroom? I guess just a couple of dollars right? But this bathtub is cut from 20,000 lbs of Amazonian crystal stone, Baldi created the world’s most costly bathtub. The weight of the tub is over 4,000 lbs and sells for US$845,000.

2. World’s Most Expensive Parking Spot

Parking your car only in the heart of downtown Manhattan make you find a parking space worth price US$1 million. New York unsurprisingly holds the world’s record of providing the most expensive parking.

3. World’s Most Expensive Dog

The dog shown in the picture is the most expensive one bought by a Chinese billionaire, a Tibetan Mastiff sold if for over US$1.5 million.

4. The World’s Most Expensive Vinyl Record

Wu-Tang Clan’s “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” LP was produced in just a single copy and famously bought by Martin Shkreli for US$2 million.

5. The World’s Most Expensive Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is an interesting game, the lovers of monopoly can spend their whole weekend while playing it, but the custom made game’s board once was created by a San Francisco based jeweler in 1988. The board was made from 23-carat gold with ruby inbuilt, sapphire, solid gold, and diamond elements, the worth of the board calculated as US$2 million.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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