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Electronic gadgets have taken over our world today and every person can be seen with a brand new smartphone every now and then. Along with their books and school supplies, most high school and college students and many younger students make their daily trip to school with their trusty smartphone. The presence of cell phones present both challenges and opportunities to learn in today’s world for the students. Mobile phones can be a helpful academic tool or a hurtful academic disruption depending on the attitude and use pattern of the students. Students usually make use of mobile phone to surf the net, watch videos or play games, but the truth is it can be used for many a purpose which can help the students in a better way –
RECORDING LECTURESTeachers can give permission to the students to record their lectures. This lectures can then be used by the students refer to, while revising. The lectures can be recorded as audio or video. After listening to the recorded audio or video of the teachers, the students can later be given a test where the teacher can act as a guide. There are also many applications such as youtube where if the teacher uploads his daily lectures it can easily be watched by the student as and when wanted. Many IAS, IES and AIIMS aspirants use this method to understand many difficult concepts with ease. This will save time for the students and teacher as well, and the student will get to know a better use of mobile phones.
ACCESS ONLINE DICTIONARYThere are many apps that serve as a dictionary for the students. You don’t have to carry a dictionary around every time. Just type the word, and you will find its meaning, synonyms and how the word is used in general. An easy way to learn, the online dictionary will help you to find the meaning of the word you find difficult to understand. It is incredibly helpful for students to double check if the noun is masculine or feminine. Once students learn how to use dictionary apps and websites efficiently, the difference in their work is spectacular.
PLAY BRAINSTORMING GAMESUsually, students use mobile phone or tablets for playing games that just serve as an entertaining purpose. But students can use the mobile phones for more than that they can use them for learning as well as getting rewarded, by playing brainstorming games that makes them learn while playing. There are many apps like Brainsparker, Simplemind which makes the student curious and help them to learn as well. The students should play puzzle games rather than racing games. This will make them learn better and is also scientifically proven to help in a student’s mental development.
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