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Indian cab services giant OLA is definitely in a mood to up their game which is why our ‘desi’ venture has launched a fleet of Bajaj and Piaggio autorickshaws in Liverpool (United Kingdom). I can totally hear the Brits cribbing over the ‘autowallahs’, imagine them saying: “Bhaaya, jaldi chalo” or “Bhaaya, meter se chalo”.

How fascinating it is going to be to finally realize that Himesh Reshamiyya was, in fact, a man with a farther vision when he introduced autorickshaws swaying on the streets of Europe. I mean we were so wrong to ridicule a visionary man like him.

If reports are anything to go by, OLA has decided to launch autos in the firangi town to compete against Uber; Uber already has a great reign in the automobile sector as they provide great cab services, if OLA would have gone on the same route and introduced cars, they would have failed to stand out; which is why they decided to launch the ‘metre miracle’ and boy has it done wonders? Hell Yes! The Brits are already loving this new mode of transport and the idea has proven to be a hit among the masses.

Ola also plans to pay a larger share of the fare to the driver as compared to Uber and this has intrigued many drivers in Liverpool to shift their loyalty towards OLA.
Well, the game is on, let us see what Uber does to tackle OLA’s master-stroke.
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- Shivam
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