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Today’s rapid fast scenery has made people restless and they want results as fast as it can get, and to achieve the set agenda in lesser time they tend to do some things that actually take them back instead of sliding them forward.
So, if you are a fitness enthusiast, make sure you are not doing these 3 things: -

1). Same Routine Exercises

Well, are you someone who has been doing same exercises since a long time now and you are a religious lifter, you do not miss any day but still, you aren’t getting desired results? Well, that’s because you aren’t innovating with your gym routine, your muscles have got bored of the same exercises, if you want them to react and grow bigger, make sure you are changing your exercises every 4 weeks or so.

2). Fat Burners Are Shit

Ok, you have seen blaring on TV sets and hoarding that 'get your fat reduced in just two weeks or three weeks by using this fat burner', well if you really want to cut some fat, just stop believing these faggots. These powders are so toxic and harmful that it can also result in sudden death. So, do not get lured by these scammers, if you want to burn fat, believe in good cardio sessions accompanied with green diet.

3). Cutting Carbs From Diet

Many pseudo fitness trainers suggest to cut carbs from your diet if bigger muscles are your aim but let me just tell you that this thing is the sheer myth and nothing else. To maintain a fit body you need to maintain the calorie consumption, so either you choose a carbs diet or a keto one, just make sure that it is aptly supporting your calorie shortfall.
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- Shivam
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