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Well, the cliché phrase “Sasural Mein Ja Kar Naak Katwayegi’ annoys every girl to the core but the fact of the matter is the boy will not miss a single opportunity in blaming a girl’s mother when she commits any mistake . Also, I really don’t understand this point why this comparison every single time she does anything for you.

I understand this fact that you are a Mummy boy and well I really respect this that you love your mother but why don’t you get it if your wife cooks something for you then there is really no need to present your thesis on how your mother used to cook for you.

This comparison is specially made when a girl is newly married and has arrived in the new house. Are you not sensitive enough to get this is in your mind that she needs your positive encouragement? Leave the encouragement, we don’t expect that much from you. At least you can leave that comparison.

Also, on one hand, you complain about not treating your mother as her own mother, when you always criticize her mother of not making you learn this thing and that thing did you do that considering her mother as your mother? Of course, you would not do that if you really consider her mother as your mother.

Then why such hypocrisy on your part. When you cannot do something how can you even dare to expect such a thing from her. You know this is the problem with you guys you have those high standards of expectations from a woman when you yourself cannot fulfill that. So next time when you do that keep watch on what you are saying and doing.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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