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When you are in a relationship you are willing to give everything and commit to your partner but still, it is likely that relationship may not work out because the other person may not be the one for you and that is where things actually go wrong. No matter how hard you try the relationship won’t work in such state and thus it breaks down after having much-expected miseries.

And when that happens you find yourself shattered and walled by the loneliness. You feel like you don’t have anyone with whom you can share about your life and thoughts and thus you commit the biggest mistake of our life. You start looking for someone just because you are lonely but the truth is if you do so the other person will definitely sense that. Thus coming in a relationship just because your all friends are in a relationship or you are too desperate to find someone is definitely not right.

Also, it is seen that a lot of people making another mistake of allowing their loneliness to drive to the person to whom they no longer connect to. You make countless efforts to manufacture the relationship your way in a hope that everything will be okay but the real love does not need such manufactured efforts it flows naturally.

So just because you don’t have someone in your life does not mean you are lonely. You are actually confusing the two terms being alone and loneliness which actually are quite different from each other.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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