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Our food parcel gets late we have a heated argument, have to stand in queue for tickets we just cannot control our cool, someone scolds’ us we just become furious, the fact is the younger generation has this problem of quick temper and everyone knows someone with a quick temper.

The problem, however, is that not only are we affected by this habit of ours there are a lot of people around us who gets trap by our temper. Well, it is genes or whatever but this is how our anger is having a huge impact in the lives of others.

We don’t even realize this how much pressure the delivery boys who deliver foods to us have. You might not be aware of this fact that in order to deliver food to you on time they break traffic rules and a lot of such traffic breaking cases have been reported because of them. These people fear of having negative ratings or complaints and the result is breaking of rules.

If you have had an experience of living in a PG (Paying guest) then you might have seen girls complaining of every little thing about the people working there. However, we don’t understand this fact that how much this complaint can have an impact on the lives of these people.It can result in these people losing their jobs and their job means a lot to these people.

Not just them we also have a complaining attitude towards our maids, security guards, shopkeepers. We forget that after all they also are human beings and they can also make mistake just like us. We really need not too get over hyper on these people and treat them with respect.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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