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I have always wanted to click pictures on which people can swoon on for a long time but as they say talent is showered only on the blessed beings and I am clearly not the blessed one for my photography skills are limited to making weird faces on Instagram filters but there some other people in the world who are putting their talent into right work and Mathieu Stern is definitely one of them.
The talented photographer creates exemplary images by merging two elements by using double exposure photography. Well, I am certainly not the perfect person to talk about the method but I can talk about the pictures, at least and boy, they look straight outta wonderland.
Stern says: “I have been practising digital double exposure for 3 months now. I am an experimental photographer and filmmaker.Usually, I spend 3 or 4 hours making one double exposure creation. I love to work with different natural subjects, with a lot of details, I also try to vary every photo as much as possible to not always do the same kind of image.I’ve always loved double exposure portraits, I think it adds a certain ‘edge’ and uniqueness that can in lots of times, turn a plain photo into something completely different and special.”
So, here are some of his best pictures:

1). The Carvings And The Beauty
The mixture of wall carvings and a pretty face.

2). Simply Aquarilicious!
Never thought fishes could look so exotic on someone’s face.

3). Nature Calling!
The picture you’d want if you are a nature lover like me.

4). Soothing
Honestly, this picture is relaxing me like anything.

5). Entering Into Consciousness
Looks like a poster of Nolan’s movie.

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- Shivam
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