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Starting a new semester is an exciting and interesting experience. It usually like a new year for us, we make new resolutions and decide to turn over new leafs or do things differently and reach new goals. To get started with this new semester, you should gear up for success with the help of these awesome gadgets, perfect for the budding scholar.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the graduation count down or just a freshman and green around the edges, from dorm room must-haves to productivity tech gadgets, these devices will up the ante for your academics and help you make the most of your college experience and then some.
Evernote Moleskine smart notebook
This has got to be one of the most interesting and useful academics tech gadgets ever invented. I mean, taking notes just got a lot more fun. I used to transfer my jotted down notes in my computer by typing and typing but now with the Moleskine smart notebook you can take your notes via pen and paper, and translate them to digital very easily.
To translate your notes from paper to pixels all you have to do is to use take a photo of your notes with your Evernote’s page camera on your smartphone they’ll then be stored in the Evernote app with lots of customisable and organizational options, where you can easily access, tag and even share them with friends and study buddies if you wish.
The Ergonomic Mouse
As a student in this day and age, it is almost impossible to do without your computer. Your computer holds a lot of important academic works as well as personal archive which you access all the time. To make your constant computer use easy and comfortable you should get an ergonomic mouse.
Using a mouse helps your computer use become a lot easier and an ergonomic mouse feels comfortable and easy to use bringing with it the benefit of increased productivity. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, or a casual or advanced computer user, you need to get an ergonomic mouse and enjoy the benefits and advantages.
There are different types of ergonomic mouse depending on your need. The types include productivity mice, gaming mice and medical mice which is used to prevent and treat repetitive strain injury (RSI) a computer-related injury.
The OtterBox phone charging case
No doubt, the academic life is hectic and stressful. From shuttling different classes, to online research to assignments, to internship to socialising and… So on and so forth. Students keep their sanity and schedule organised by keeping their phone fully charged and on hand.
While you do not have the time to sit by a power outlet and wait for your phone to be fully juiced up, you can juice up your phone on the go with the OtterBox Resurgence case which extends your battery life twice over, and will also auto-stop charging to conserve power.
Bluetooth coffee maker
Does anyone go through college without pulling an all-nighter? If you did then you most definitely are the real MVP. As much as we try to avoid to avoid them, all-nighters happen. To make sure you don’t doze off so you are able to complete your accumulated work you should arm yourself with lots of study fuel at any hour with this Bluetooth-enabled coffee maker.
You would have to download the app on your phone and start brewing coffee wherever you might be — you could be in bed, on your way home from class or the library and with your app, you would get coffee ready before you step inside. There are also options to schedule repeat brew sessions. Your roommates would be very grateful.
Of course! This one may seem obvious but I have to mention it. The amount of amazing apps available at your fingertips, including several tied to some of the gadgets above, make the smartphone a student must-have.
You should load up your phone with the apps you need and you are good to go.
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