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Even if you aren’t that tech-savvy but you spend a lot of time scrolling your social media walls, then it is certain that you know a thing or two about Elon Musk; yes that GENIUS who created a thing called SpaceX. And just to brush up your grey cells, I’d like to inform you that SpaceX is a discovery that has been considered as a pioneer in the Hyperloop technology, I know you are asking me that what the hell hyperloop is?
So, Hyperloop is a technology where a sealed tube allows a pod to travel from one place to another without air resistance and thus the pod travels at an extremely high speed, reaching its destination at a much lesser time. It is to be noted that this technology has the potential to change the transportation system for good.

Now, every SpaceX holds a competition (Hyperloop Pod Competition) and the big news is that this year our Indian geniuses have made it to the final of this competition. Avishkar Hyperloop, a student team from IIT-Madras has reached to the top 21 teams shortlisted for the final round. The team built a pod that can make you travel from Chennai to Bengaluru in just freaking 20 minutes or so. AMAZED?

The team gave this good news on their social media profile, the text read: “And it is official ! Team Avishkar Hyperloop will not only be representing India, but will be representing ASIA at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition 2019 at Los Angeles, California in July 2019 !!! We will be attempting to be the First Indian and Asian Team to win the competition !!Support us in our endeavour by contributing on our crowdfunding platform !”

Well, I really hope that these young guns bring the glory to home.
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- Shivam
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