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The richest fellas are obsessed with things that are rare and exotic and an elephant tusk is definitely one of them, and because of their obsession for luxury many elephants are dying every year. The elephant tusk that is used to make ivory has been stamped illegal but you know there is always a way if the greed is monstrous.

But looks like now the mighty beings are not in any mood to serve the greedy. In an interesting case, Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique noticed elderly elephants who were roaming tuskless. In fact one third of the elephant population was found to be tuskless. Ever since people got to know that ivory has a number of benefits, the slaughter of African and Asian elephants went up and I guess now it’s nature’s way to tackle such inhumanity because according to the national park keepers, the population of tuskless elephants is gradually increasing.

People are claiming that the elephants are finally evolving to mark themselves safe from the cruelty, scientists have not found any significant change in the behaviour of tuskless elephants but they claim that if this is really the ‘evolution’ and tuskless elephants are the future, then the eco-system will surely get disturbed.

Well, We really loved the big glorious teeth of elephants but if this is the way that they can be saved, then be it, I am ready to face the consequences of a disturbed eco-cycle, are you?
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- Shivam
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