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All the 90’s kids who aren’t kids anymore might relate to this topic which goes as to "How the school and college life changed over two decades".

Let's start with the style statement in school life, the mode of transport. You are a cool person if you have your bike or car to come to your school, in college it is standard nowadays. The bike is a style statement for school students for those who aren’t even legal to ride bikes. In the 90s all we had was public transport or school transport.

Even in the TV series or movies, we often see that a vehicle is a must-have mode of transportation if you are a college student.

Bringing mobile to school has become standard. Also, the dressing is another factor that has changed from the 90s to now. Being fashionable is a must in college. To all the “Student of the Year" fans, is that true? Do you have to be fashionistas in college? For it is an institution, not a style ramp. It is not the problem of students, fashion nowadays is like this, and movies promote to be cool fashionable wear clothes.

We have now found different ways to make school uniforms fashion statements. The fashion of the bad boys of school in the 90s is the style statement today. Shabby ties, folded sleeves, is the way.

There are significant changes in the mindsets of students too, everyone now has a problem with authority, and a teacher can't scold them. Student, they take it as an insult.

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