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Moving houses is a tough task as is. Add kids to the equation and you’ve got mission impossible. This part of life can often give parents headaches because it’s hard to organize a big move with your little ones full of questions, energy, and opinions on whether to move or not. If you handle the situation the right way, though, moving house can become tolerable and end quickly. These tips will help guide you along the way.
Give them some authority
The key to making any move tolerable is to engage your children. As long as they’re not bored, they’re not making a mess. Instead of leaving everything to the adults, give your child some authority. Let them pack their toys or organize their new bedroom. Of course, you should be there to help and guide them but they will have to have the final word.
Don’t move during school terms
This is going to be a big change for your child, no matter how lightly you take the matter. To make it easier on them and transition smoothly, it’s advisable not to move during school terms. School is the highlight of their life at their age and taking away the one familiar thing they have and care about will have grave consequences.
This way, you’re showing your kid they’re an equal part of the household and that their opinions matter. That approach will help your children grow into confident and strong-minded adults. It’s no wonder most Australian children are independent adults now.
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