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Our favourite cartoon characters have been such a big part of our childhood, that we still find ourselves drawn to them as adults. The crazy playfulness of these characters not only guaranteed a laugh and good times in our childhood but also taught some of the important life lessons for life.

1. Aladdin

Quick-witted character based on the folks of middle- eastern origin was an extremely caring and loving character. An orphan whose father and mother left him in his childhood but he never loses hope. He struggled every day for his survival and eventually to get his love Jasmine.

2. Micky

Wearing red chaddi and white shoes Mickey is one of the favorite characters which is known by most of us. He is one of those nice- guy characters we adore as a child.

3. Scooby

A brownish character right from head to toe and black spots was seen as a dog and a friend. He was always surrounded by friends who always encouraged him even when he screwed up things.

4. Tom & Jerry

Well, we have grown up relating to the friendship they had. They fought with each other, tease each other. They were enemy yet they stick with each other just like we do with our real friends.

5. Dale & Chip

The little two chipmunk cartoon characters were a combination of intelligence and humor who defeated the problems with the deadly combination.

6. Richie

The cartoon character who very rich yet he never boasted about the same. He always used the money in the right way.

7. Dexter

Well, the way this genius character came up with solutions in laboratory science was a piece of cake and a lot of fun.

8. Mr. Bean

Well, he was not a cartoon character in specific but he definitely inspires us to spread happiness around him with his witty style and silent comedy.

Who was your favorite character?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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