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In our daily life, we usually fall short of words especially when you are angry as our thinking process just freezes. It’s like you want to say a lot but you don’t really apt words and phrases for what you want to say. So if you also run out of phrases then here are some amazing phrases which never gets old so you can use them to express your emotion.

1. I have got a bone to pick with you

You can use this phrase when you are about to make any complaints to someone. So it’s like an introductory phrase to complaining. In simple words, it’s like threatening someone that you are not liking something about them.

2. To bite someone head’s off

Okay if someone is letting out their anger/ frustration on you and that too without any reason then you can use this phrase simply by saying, hey relax! Why are you biting my head off?

3. Black mood

If you see that someone’s mood is not well and the person is angry you can ask ‘Are you in a black mood today?

4. Drive up the wall

This phrase is basically used when someone is annoying or irritating you so you can use the phrase ‘Why are you driving up the wall’ if someone is annoying you.

5. To scream bloody murder

You can use this phrase when you want to shout in anger. You can say as I feel like screaming bloody murder.

6. Have steam coming out of one’s ears

When you are the top of your anger level, like really angry you can say I am having steam coming out of my ears.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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