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If you are someone who wishes to stop smoking, then you shall find this article to be of immense help to you. Smoking is not a healthy habit at all, and it will cause in your various health problems. The problems will range from lung cancer to nicotine poisoning and even throat cancer. Although it is quite difficult for people to quit smoking, today there is one alternative method to stop smoking, and that is using electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes or vaping is safe and is a healthy alternative to tobacco smoking. But there exist some misconceptions among people about electronic cigarettes, and this stops them from switching to it. In this article, you will learn about such misconceptions and how true they are.
The controversies that surround electronic cigarettes
On these days it has become extremely easy for people to find a lot of unfounded stories on the internet about the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes. These stories easily go viral on various social media websites, and people fall for them. The thing about electronic cigarettes is that people have severe misconceptions about them. These misconceptions are also not properly addressed in the media, and as a result of this the misconceptions tend to hold sway, and more and more people end up by believing them. There often have been contradictory and confusing reports made by media outlets regarding electronic cigarettes and the safety that they have. Electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes and are a proven method to help people to quit smoking also. Several types of research done by several institutions from a different part of the world have shown that the use of electronic cigarettes does not induce lung cancer and blocked arteries in people which tobacco smoking would be doing.
What are some common misconceptions that people have regarding electronic cigarettes?
1.Electronic cigarettes do not get regulated properly and may contain harmful and unknown ingredients: Electronic cigarettes are very well regulated, and there are strict quality standards regarding their ingredients. It is not as if the ingredients are totally unknown and completely unverified. There are lots of countries which have enforceable rules about electronic cigarettes. There is also government-imposed restrictions on the tobacco-based products and selling of tobacco also. Electronic cigarettes have to go through several layers of intensive investigation and scrutiny to ensure that they do not violate the set safety standards of society and they cannot affect public health in any way. There needs to be also some strict rules about the packing and the labeling of these vaping products. The consumers will be able to see detailed lists of ingredients used in labels on the packages. There will be specific information regarding ingredients, instructions for safe usage and expiry dates if any. This will help the people in being able to make informed decisions about their choice to buy the products. Also, the dates of manufactured will also be printed. These are rules that have been mandated by the government. If a company were to violate these rules, then there would be severe repercussions for them. Thus, you can be safely assured that your electronic cigarette is properly regulated.2.Electronic cigarettes are harmful as they have nicotine in them: There are plenty of people who think that nicotine is a carcinogen and can lead to cancer. They feel that it is the nicotine in the tobacco cigarettes which will lead to the causing of cancer. But they cannot be more mistaken. The real reason why cigarette smoking is harmful is that of the hundreds of chemicals which get synthesized and exhaled when tobacco is burnt. The problem lies with the carbon monoxide which is exhaled and the tar which collects in the lungs due to smoke. The nicotine is harmless in small doses. In electronic cigarettes, this smoke is completely canceled out as there is no burning of tobacco involved. The nicotine will cause no harm either. Thus, you are free from any harm.3.Electronic cigarettes cause harm to people who are around you: Studies have conclusively proven that there is an extremely adverse effect for people to get exposed to indirect and passive smoking. This is the main reason why there are strict laws which will prevent the public from smoking in the open. However, no special law prohibits vaping or using electronic cigarettes in public. The main reason for this is the fact that vaping will not harm anyone who is around you. The e-liquids will have elements of nicotine, different flavors, and some glycerol but there will be no emission of carbon monoxide that is exhaled. Thus, the exposure to any electronic cigarette will not be harmful in any way. This is only a misconception thereby.There are several methods that you can use to try and quit smoking. Talk with a professional and they will be able to help you out.
People have a lot of wrong and unfounded misconceptions about electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes do not cause as much harm as some people feel and worry about. These cigarettes are entirely different from the daily tobacco cigarettes which smokers use. It is necessary for people to understand the difference between these two types of cigarettes and start treating them differently. The smokers should know how electronic cigarettes and vaping will work as this will let them make educated choices about electric cigarettes. You can use electric cigarettes as they are a wonderful method for helping people to quit smoking. However, you should understand that there are a lot of misconceptions which people have regarding vaping and this would hinder them from using them. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.
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