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Life’s too short to wear boring dresses. But staying in vogue is notorious for burning a hole in one’s pocket. And it sometimes becomes a tough thing to choose fashion over finance.
But what if we tell you that we have zeroed in on the chicest styles that you can adopt without having to go for another shopping spree? Thrilled to hear that, aren’t you? Don’t wait no more, and read on to find out how you can jazz up any darn outfit to look like you have just got a wardrobe makeover.
#1. A trendsetting bag
A conversation sparking bag is a must-have for any girl who wants to play it cool. But you can’t ace this game without conquering the fear of colors and adding a touch of contrast to your choices. So opt for bright-hued bags that will add a perfect dose of fun to your otherwise boring, neutral shades of clothes.
It could be a funky tote bag, a swanky handbag, a simple messenger bag, a sling thrown diagonally around your body or a satchel wrapped around your waist, the size doesn’t matter till the time it’s lively and adding energy to your overall look.
#2. A swanky Scarf
A scarf is an ultimate accessory that has the power to give your look a stylish refashioning. Invest in a bold check printed one that can be easily worn around the neck under an open robe coat or over a simple tee and denims for that added zing.
If in case you think that is something you have already tried then fold it tightly and wrap it around your neck instead of your regular necklaces. You can also throw it on like a bandana or a headband for lending a happy boho vibe to your day.
#3. Statement jewelry
This is one approach that needs to be carried out in the most cautious way possible because if done the wrong way, it could make you look exactly the opposite of what you wish to be.
Dig deep into your jewelry box and get that any classic piece of jewelry, be it a funky ring, a chic pair of studs, a layered necklace, a hippy nose ring, or a chunky set of oxidized bangles. Choices are indefinite. All you need is a little artfulness and creativity to stack different styles and you are good to go.
#4. Shoes
It goes without saying that shoes reflect a person’s character.
If there’s one thing that can instantly lift any outfit, then its a sensational pair of shoes. The variety may range from stilettos, boots, pumps, mules, ballerinas, or booties. The call is yours. Just pick the one that accentuates your ensemble. For eg. slip into thigh-high boots to give a punch to your simple Tee and shorts. Or throw in bright red heels with that little black dress of yours to uplift its oomph factor. Have fun playing with colors.
Quick tip: While teaming a good pair of shoes with denims, make sure you cuff up your jeans so that your pretty investment doesn’t need to play ‘peek a boo’ from below.
#5. A Jacket/ blazer
“Outerwear should never be an afterthought,” says Holmes amp Yang co-designer Jeanne Yang.
A dapper jacket or a blazer is a must-have item to quirk up your look on even the laziest days. Yes, days do come when you are just not in the mood to slid out of your most comfortable but oh-not-so-stylish pair of tee and shorts or denims. This is where you can definitely count upon a jazzy robe coat or a shrug. Always keep handy an embellished robe or a bright solid color jacket. Doesn’t matter if you drape it over the shoulders or wear it open or close, a great choice will certainly make you look sassy and uptight in no time! You can always try wholesale clothing to find exquisite creations to suit your personality.
#6. Belt it
If there’s any accessory that can be regarded as the most resourceful invention of fashion stream, then it has to be the belt. A modish piece of a belt can help revive even the most mundane outfits of yours. Using a sleek (or thick) waistband, you can transform your oversized shirts, tunics, and coats to fit to your frame. It has the power to define your shape and highlight your curves, giving a more complete look to your outerwear.
#7. Knot it down
If you are amongst the ones who love playing with your options of styling, then this is just what you were looking for. This fashion hack lets you define your waistline without needing to put on a belt. All you gotta do is to just gather the extra fabric and knot your shirt or that boxy shift dress, right at the middle. It will give you a more creative finish whilst adding a dramatic touch to your appearance.
Similarly, you can also turn a dress into a skirt by adding a button-down or a tee over the top half and side-knot it at the waist to create the illusion of a separate bottom half. This will give you a figure-flattering look, keeping you happy and going.
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