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Monsoons bring a lot of relief after the exhausting heat of the summers; however, the monsoon comes along with a fair share of difficulties concerning fashion. The challenge is to beat the monsoons and not let it affect your style statement. Many fashion trends have become popular this year, and you must try them out this season. The monsoons get you all soaked and uncomfortable from time to time. Staying away from the frequent showers and the gloomy weather and making your day bright is the objective. Your mind and soul shouldn’t become gloomy in the monsoons like the sky. You should stay vibrant and updated on the fashion trends. These fashion trends are the real thing this year in the monsoons. The general public just won’t let their appearance down this time due to the weather and season. There are many accessories that you must have and are fashion this year. Fashionable raincoats and waterproof watches, as well as right care of your skin, are vital for your fashion quotient this monsoon.
Monsoon 2018 Fashion Trends
The monsoons come with a personalized version of difficulties to the fashion dominion. They inevitably bring relief from the scorching heat of the summers, but they used to even take away a few fashionable days from the year. This year, however, that is not happening, the fashion remains on point even in the monsoons. From long handled umbrellas to linen jumpsuits and fashionably vibrant footwear is the hype this monsoon. The trousers are also in the trend; especially the crimsoune club trousers for men have taken the world by storm this year. Here are the seven major fashion trends that have become extremely popular this year monsoon
Bold Colored Clothes – The days of wearing the dark and dull clothes in the monsoons due to the fear of the dirt and water are gone. These vibrant colours include the bold ones including light colored clothes like yellow, pink and sky blue as well. People are hardly going out in a mono-colored outfit. There are vibrant and brilliant colors of at least two in the entire outfit. They pair up the colours on an experimental pattern, and the combination of all the bright colors are most often carried out quite well by the wearer.
Shorts & Skirts – This year the monsoons have brought the trends in colorful clothing. The sky is darker, so the choice of apparel keeps the balance. This year monsoon has instead become the season for experimenting with clothing. To avoid the dirt and water from getting on to the bottom wears, men, as well as women, are trending with the shorts and skirts. The denim is on the go this year, and there is hype for the new fashionable forms of skirts for the monsoon.
Long Handled Umbrellas – Umbrella has turned from a necessity to an accessory and this year it has become a trend. Especially the long-nosed umbrellas are a fashion statement this monsoon. People are using this umbrella as it gives a unique and classy look to the bearer. Even when not in use, these umbrellas can be high fashion accessories when walked around with them. They act as sharp walking sticks that can make your look classy like the 1900s
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