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Ladakh is that tourism destination of India that everybody wants to visit at least once in a lifetime. People go everywhere else numerous times but a Ladakh tour isn’t easy to make. Also, the rough terrain makes it difficult for older people to visit. So if you want to explore all of Ladakh, plan a Ladakh trip while you’re still at the prime of your health. Ladakh tour packages offer exactly what you want to do on a Leh Ladakh tour, in a single trip. Of course, a Ladakh trip cannot be a short one.
Make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity
The cold, rugged terrain of Ladakh is not physically comfortable to traverse if you haven’t planned well ahead. Also, it is difficult to make a stop at every destination in a single tour. So, you need to plan a long trip. Don’t leave anything on second chances because a Ladakh tour happens once in a lifetime for most.
Take the right guidance
Was that too much pressure? You need to do something great and have just one chance to get it right. Well, if you are smart enough to take guidance from the experienced travellers and agents, once will be enough. You can book a tour package from any major city, different offers on routes depending on where you are making the booking from. Ladakh tour packages from Delhi have numerous options for you to choose from. Whatever your need may be, you will definitely find a package that suits your convenience.
Convenient journey
Once you are in Ladakh, you won’t feel any of the physical exertion it took getting there. It will all be worth it. Moreover, if you are travelling along with your friends, you have nothing to worry about. You can go from Delhi, Manali, Shimla, Punjab, anywhere in the country. Ladakh Tour Packages make sure your journey is safe and comfortable so that you don’t have to subject yourself to the exertion many Ladakh visitors complain of.
Attractive destinations
If you think Ladakh is just about difficult treks, then you are wrong. There are a number of things you can do in Ladakh. You can simply go on a tour like any other tourist looking for leisure and breathe in the natural wilderness of this beautiful place. You can go for a tour of all the beautiful monasteries situated on vast barren lands, or you could go for bike trips for adventure. You could do anything in between these two extreme alternatives. Ladakh is a place that will offer you everything you could ask for.The Nubra Valley, Khardung La, Thiksey Monastery, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Moriri and Pangong lakes are a few of the must visit destinations in Ladakh. You will definitely not run out of places to visit. Also, each of these places are so beautiful that the serenity will captivate you. You simply won’t want to leave.
The Leh Ladakh regions have some unique dishes you must try.You will not get such amazing Tibetan and Chinese food anywhere else in India. In fact, you might not get such good food in Tibet or China either because in Ladakh, these exquisite dishes are made to suit Indian tastes while keeping the original essence intact. Don’t forget to try the thukpa, skyu, and ngamphe even if you have already tried some of these in other Indian cities. The taste of even the commonest of dishes in Ladakh will be different. You will fall in love with the food. Make sure you try everything you find.
Bike trips
Leh and Ladakh are ideal for bike trips in India. You will get the complete feel of a hard-core adventurer on a bike trip to Leh or Ladakh. You can book bike trip packages directly from any city you want. Manali to Leh bike trip packages are amazingly reliable. You can bring in your own team of bikers or join the team. You will surely have a lot of fun.Book any of Leh Ladakh bike trip packages after carefully going through all the offers that come with each package. Offer can be customised as per your choice. RLT offer you the best options in terms of adventure, convenience, safety, and budget.Starting from Manali, you can go to Tandi on the second day, Sarchu on the third, and reach Leh by the fourth day of your trip. Daily trips can get convenient for all bikers so no worry if you are not into aggressive biking for long hours. You just need a little bit of practice riding on the rugged terrain, and a lot of confidence that goes with your skills.You could just stay at Leh and do your soul searching or use a day to adapt to the climate and set out for Lamayaru, Khardung La, Nubra Valley, and Pangong Lake treks. Of course you cannot cover all these destinations in just two days. After you reach Leh and stay there for an entire day, you will need at least four more days to cover everything. If you don’t have that kind of time, you need to make a very tough choice between some of the most incredible destinations.Tour Packages ensure you round the clock assistance throughout the trip, including the first journey to the last. The sightseeing and meals will also be included in the package so there is no extra cost hidden in there. Everything you are entitled to will be clearly informed so that you know what you are getting out of the deal.You can always customize the deals on our Ladakh tour packages to fit your style of travelling.
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