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Guys remember that how we use to celebrate 31st December night hiding in rjais with all the brothers and sisters while our moms used to make delicious sweets and mouth-watering dishes for all the family members. While our father were busy in arranging VCD player for us to watch movies on that as he promised to show us new AMITABH BACHHAN’S movie at New Year.
And when all the arrangements done, all the family members gathered in one big room and start celebrating New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year and to say good bye to the old year. Kids started dancing and shouting in joy. All the ladies murmured songs and enjoy their self in making sweets for their kids and husbands.
And just before 3 hours for New Year papa starts the VCD player and all in silence watch movie. While our lovely mothers stats serving sweets and dishes that they made for us especially that we could enjoy our New Year in great joy.
Hmmm! Lovely fragrance mummaa! After saying these words they pour some more gajar ka halwa or gajak in our plates. Moms are so sweet, aren’t they? Then all of us focused to the movie of ever green and everyone’s favourite hero ‘the angry young man’ AMITABH BACHHAN.
While watching the movie if anyone screams or create any disturbance everyone used to shout at him/her and give very cold look. Hahahahaa! Old memories wow! Love to be a naughty kid again.
For New Year’s night we started planning from many days. And when the night comes we just burst out with our excitement. Not just kids used to be excited but all our family members were excited for it. New Year is so amazing festival which brings all of us together. We skip our one night in sake of New Year’s enjoyment and do all the mad things. We dance non-stop we eat sweets non-stop and hang-out with our adults and all brothers and sisters.
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