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If you want to find some of the best watches for men, then you definitely have to consider all the benefits that you can get from something like this. Purchasing the best watches for men or even getting free watches can be quite challenging and there are always some things to take into consideration.
Do all watches work with any outfit?
As you may imagine, that is not the case at all. You need to customize the suit and the experience based on what watches you are wearing. If you have a suit, opt for a dress watch. This one will help you showcase your quality suit without that much of an issue. You can also wear a chronograph or a diving watch if you want. Bracelet watches won’t work at all with a suit.For the casual outfits, you can consider using sport watches or dress watches. These should have a metal bracelet or at least a rubber band and a leather band. Keep in mind that based on the polish of your suit you can get some very good and amazing results in the end.
Which is the best watch size?
That all depends on how large your hand really is. If the wrist is around 6”, then you should go with a 40 mm or even a smaller model. But as you go onward, you can opt for the 40mm, 55 mm and so on. Dress watches are smaller to begin with, so keep that in mind. Yet they will be able to bring you the value and help you need, which is what matters the most in the end
As for how many watches should you purchase, that’s up to you. There are people that just don’t want to have a very large watch collection. On the other hand, there are some that want at least 3-6 watches. Usually though, we recommend you to have 2-3 watches. But these should be different, so you can spot one in different occasions. It will work great for you and you can get a tremendous value in the end because of that!
Hamilton Intra-Matic
Hamilton Intra-Matic is actually one of the better dress watches under 1000. This will make it easy for you to get all the results you want in no time. It has a retro inspired design, a thin case and bezel, and it also has automatic movement. It’s a wonderful model and at less than $1000, it’s just one of the better options that you can find on the market.
Sinn 1736 St I 4N
The Sinn 1736 St I 4N features a very old school vibe and it just makes things stand out a lot. These watches are elegant and they also have a sunburst dial, gold toned indices and hands, as well as a variety of other features that you need to take into consideration
Longines Heritage 1945
Longines is one of the companies that have been creating such watches for a very long time. The best part about its watches is that they have outstanding finishing touches like a convex, blue hands as well as a brushed copper dial. The stainless steel case makes everything stand out, and the value on its own is among the very best that you can find out there. The build quality alone makes this worth it, so you should totally check it out.
Nomos Orion 38 Weiß
Orion watches were amazing back in the 90s and they are coming back right now. The new version has 38 mm and it has a tremendous appeal for those men that sport a larger wrist. That being said, there’s a manual wound movement and a very good value for your money. The attention to detail offered here is nothing short of amazing and it just goes to show that the experience you can get this way is among the very best out there.
Grand Seiko SBGW253
Seiko has a pretty good lineup and it manages to bring in front some really interesting, unique features that you have to take into consideration. The original model was gold based, this one isn’t. But it still has most of the features you would expect. They also have a bigger case size, but aside from that everything are just identical, which is exactly what you want to have from such a unit. This has an impressive accuracy, something that you may want to take into consideration.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin
There’s a reason why they call this the Ultra-Thin model, because the unit is very accurate. And yes, it also brings in front a unique set of visuals that you need to take into consideration. Some of the small details and the nice features do bring in front some nice ideas, and in the end that can be quite an astonishing reveal. The radiant dial and expert finishing showcases a tremendous attention to detail and very good value, which is exactly what you need from a unit like this.
Slim d’Hermés
You will notice that this is one of the only watches that have hour markers instead of the Roman ones. But it looks amazing and it has just about all the features that you may need. It’s certainly one of the better models out there if you want a39.5 mm case. The design is very distinct and the watch has an in house ultra-thin movement.Overall, there are lots of great watches for you to check out. Just consider giving these watches a shot and you will have a tremendous value for your money with them. While it can take a while for you to get the best results, the experience can be more than ok!
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