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Often you have found out that many kids call their parents by different names other than mom or dad. Sometimes these kids give their parents’ name on their contact or often they call them by different names at home when they are so much happy or sad. It is nothing a way to show love by giving some cute names to mom, dad, so all the mummies and papas be chill your kids are having fun or just show their emotions by these name play.

Here we have a list of kids who gave their parents different name and they love it by calling them with these names.

  • “I have saved my father’s name as Supreme Court and my mother’s names High Court.”

Supreme Court because his decision is final and binding on my entire family and High Court because if not satisfied with her decision, you can always approach the Supreme Court…! 😛

Akanksha Agarwal

  • I saved my Mom’s number as Chummy.
    That’s what I call her whenever I am happy :), so almost all the time.

And my father’s number as Papppa.
Try pronouncing it with those extra P , this is how I call him.

PS: I started calling my mother as Chummy and then realized after few months that it actually means something in Urban English too 🙂
for me it’s just Cute Mummy.

Tanvi Kumbhojkar

  • One day when one of my friends had left his phone in my room, mistakenly, a name flashed on his phone’s screen. It read “Ghar Jaldi Aaja”(which translates to Get home fast). When he came back to take his phone, I asked him what that was?

He replied nonchalantly that his mom called


Jashan Singhal

  • I’m afraid mine are terribly practical.
  1. ICE Mom
  2. ICE Dad

ICE is an acronym meaning ‘In Case of Emergency’. If my phone is unlocked or I am able to unlock it for emergency personnel, they won’t need me to tell them who to call. Either ‘ICE” number will get one of my parents. Additionally, by marking them ‘ICE’ it makes my wishes as to whom to call crystal clear.

Maggie McFee

  • Dad is Paa
    Maybe because the only way I could cut down the Papppa was Paa. And, notice the 100 My dad’s my hero. He’s a 10/10 for me, rather a cent percent scorer. My Paa.

Super Dad

  • Mom is Ladooo Pedaaa
    coming to think of it, I don’t even know when I came up with this. But truly, that’s what my mom is. She’s like a Ladooo and a Pedaa (Indian sweets). I just can’t resist squeezing her with my hugs affectionately when I see her. All she gives us is sweet love which sweets generally do.
    Though it does get a little awkward when you are at office, your mobile is on the table and your phone rings “Ladooo Pedaaa calling”, yeah, difficult to explain it to people then.

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