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We all travel in metro these days. Metros are the part of our daily routine. When we go to office we need metro, when we are going for college we need metro and even when we are going to meet to our friends or just going for shopping we need metro. Now it becomes our need not requirement. I am here to tell you about “the metro” but I am here to show you some pictures that will show how people gets entertain in metro during their long travel.

So here we go on the funniest ever Metro Ride-

  1. Perfect supportFunny Metro Ride
  2. Didn’t get the time to decorate your cake so I am decorating it on the way.Funny Metro Ride
  3. I Love my Rat-Funny Metro Ride
  4. ‘Cause my Nose is so strongFunny Metro Ride
  5. Protection from Global WarmingFunny Metro Ride
  6. As I am the “Watermelon Man”Funny Metro Ride
  7. Spiderman also take Metro when he got Bored by Fly.Funny Metro Ride
  8. See this man having Luxury even MetroFunny Metro Ride
  9. “See my flexibility makes me look like flying man”Funny Metro Ride
  10. “Didn’t get time to bath that’s why I am taking bath in my way to office”.Funny Metro Ride
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