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How to solve the couple disputes
In a relationship there are always and there will be happy moments and others not so much, that is what coexistence is about, but when those difficult moments come by a disagreement with your partner try to follow these tips to overcome those potholes in the best way possible and in the shorter time.The arguments of couple can lead to uncontrolled situations that often lead us to say and do things that we later regret, if you do not want that to happen follow these tips so that disputes with your partner end in the best way possible and without grudges.
Never start a conversation by recriminating, humiliating or insulting. When we get angry we usually let go of atrocities that we usually regret later, but no matter how sorry we feel, we have already offended and hurt our partner, so before a “we have to talk” breathe, calm down and put in order the thoughts and feelings, everything will be easier, there is always a way of saying things while remaining calm.
Do not do it in public
Sometimes it may seem like a good idea (for some) to solve conflicts when they are at family gatherings or with friends, PLEASE NO, if what you need is advice with a different perspective, share it with someone of great confidence and ask for their opinion, but not in public, the only thing you will achieve is to put your partner on the defensive and make him feel uncomfortable and offended.
Do not forget the empathy
I know, it’s very difficult in those situations, but you should not forget that the person you have in front of you is your partner, with whom you share your life. Try to put yourself in their shoes and listen to their arguments.
Do not hold grudges
If you do not agree on something, say it, do not keep it, do not tell you to complain about everything and all the time, say what bothers you and what you think damages the relationship to find a solution.
Do not turn a discussion into a demonstration of superiority
If you think that because you scream louder or think you have more arguments in your favor you have the right to be right you start badly, speak in a civilized way and do not forget for a moment that you talk to the person you love. In a couple always 50 – 50 will be the exact proportion.
If you made a mistake, accept it in a mature way
If you are aware that you have made a mistake, accept it, do not see it as a gesture of weakness but as a clear sign of maturity, do it sincerely and try to solve the damage.Remember that it is the job of two to make a relationship go ahead and your part is half the way.
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