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Music tourism in India was unheard of until only a few years ago. But thanks to music enthusiasts and a thriving music scene in the country, music tourism has become one of the latest and most popular travel trends this year. With countless music tours being held all through the year, an increasing number of music-loving travelers are booking cheap flights to India with Indian Eagle. But India is just one of the many music tourism destinations around the world. There are countless places that cash in on the popularity of music to increase their tourist value.
Music’s growing influence on the tourism industry:
Music festivals held in different parts of the world attract music-lovers who are willing to travel to far off places to be a part of such events. These music festivals are not just about bringing local artists to the fore but they also help increase tourism of the place. With such popularity, it isn’t really a surprise that music tourism is quickly overtaking the other travel trends of 2018. Listed below are a few reasons that have made music tourism one of the most popular travel trends of 2018.
A music lover’s dream
Music festivals are a dream come true for music lovers all across the globe. Whatever the genre – rock, punk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, or even EDM – there are music events that cover them all. There are audiences for all types of music all over the world. Hardcore music enthusiasts will travel long distances to catch a music show. Many will follow their favorite bands across the world on global music tours as well. Incredible but true!
Not just about music
Music festivals are not just about the artists. They’re about selling an experience that you get only by attending the event. Music tourism can be a bit tricky to understand. You can always listen to your favorite artists at home. So why go attend a music event? It’s the thrill that comes with it. Being surrounded by like-minded strangers who also love the same artists as you is a rare thing. So most music lovers won’t hesitate to jump on last minute flights and fly across the globe to attend a music festival.
More than just popular tracks
Music tourism is more than a music event where popular tracks are belted out. It’s about talented artists willing to experiment with popular tracks and giving it their own spin. It’s about music enthusiasts willing to accept the challenging change that comes with experimenting on their favorite tracks. DJs are more open these days about spinning tracks that suit the mood and vibe of the event. In fact, EDM is among the most popular kinds of music festivals in the world.
Earning potential of live shows
Travel industry cannot afford to ignore the immense earning potential live music shows hold. When you get big names from the music industry to perform live, people pay. Thereby, you get music tourism at its complete best – generating good revenue as well as offering employment opportunities to those associated with the event. One music event can outdo sales of recorded versions easily. Sometimes, it will also increase the sales of recorded versions.
Music in tourism industry
By mixing music and tourism, the result has been a fantastic one for the travel industry. Flight sales – business class and otherwise – shoot up every time there is an upcoming music event. The travel and tourism industry has benefited immensely by music tourism and are reaching new heights. Whatever the type of genre, music has fans all over the world. Tourism industry seems to have quickly caught on to this and is cashing in on the popularity of music like never before.Whatever the reasons for traveling this year, many people will undoubtedly travel for the sake of music as well. With the announcement of music festivals and events, flight sales will shoot up and travel plans hatched. Apart from the other types of travelers, music lovers the world over will mark their calendars for events they wish to attend even if they are being held halfway across the world. With such a remarkable effect, music tourism has undoubtedly overtaken some of the other travel trends in 2018. Join your fellow music lovers this year and attend some of the most happening music festivals around the world.
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