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People say hard work is the key to success. Yes, it indeed is but is it the only way a person can have success in life? Just look around, observe in silence, introspect the people around you and then tell what does the successful people around you have in common. What is it that makes any person successful in life?

One thing is pretty clear that there is no one tried and tested formula for achieving success in life. Everyone has to follow their path, according to the circumstances and probably their personality type.

Yet there are few things that will help you to achieve success in life. You are extremely talented, hardworking and a very knowledgeable person but even then the chances of success rate is not 100%. In today’s time what you desperately need along with what you know is how you present your knowledge. You need to have that convincing ability to show people that you know something. Thus even if you don’t know much you can surely succeed in life.

Apart from that what you really need is the sincerity in your work. Whatever you do, how you do it is important that you do it with conviction and sincerity as one say even if you are speaking a lie with conviction people will believe you so you need sincerity and conviction in life.

Thus, what you really need is that observational skills to see the people around you and this is surely how to succeed.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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