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A husband is someone with whom the wife can be the silliest of herself. And that is the emotion that keeps the two hearts attached. We wives are said to be a step ahead in all the planning and plotting and if it is our husband’s birthday coming up then our diary of to-do’s comes out of the closet a month before his special day. But when the list reaches the gift checker, our minds are blocked like there is nothing in the world that your man will like. But don’t be disheartened yet, here we will let you know the best way to allure your husband and let him know how much he means to you with the list of gifts mentioned below:

#1. Travel passport holder

Travel passport holderIf your husband and you are travel lovers like most of the couples, this is definitely is the best gifting option. Because you both know the airport grind and the need to have your documents in place to get through the formalities quickly and easily.

For this, a passport holder comes a lot in handy. It is a meaningful yet a fun gift to give your loved one. With a lot of variety available out there in store, you can pick from the ones that are worn around the neck, or others that fit around the waist or something similar to a traditional wallet.

You can also customize or design it yourself and get it printed online. You can get your partners favourite quote or character and even a movie or TV show dialogue printed on. Or you can get his initial woven or embossed on it. Also, you can for matching ones to compliment with each other.

#2. Cufflinks

CufflinksFor the man who works hard in the office and on his appearance, a pair of unique cufflinks is the present for him. Because cufflinks are a necessity. You can play with it with the kind of choices available nowadays. You can get him a personalized, engraved, or hand etched cufflink. And for a truly personal touch, how about envelope cufflinks complete with your words. You can also get some funky colored or quirky ones to make your men stand out in a party or an event. Get his initials printed on it to give customize it. You can also go for the hallmark coin sized cufflinks and get your favorite year embossed on to it.

#3. Wooden beer holder

Wooden beer holderIf your man is the kind who loves to keep it systematic and is a hardcore beer lover, then this is the best choice for him. This definitely makes it easy to carry beers and come to handy to take it for a getaway or a picnic. They are the best to keep your beers handy and organized .It will also fetch many compliments at the party. You can get them customized or get something typed on it to give it your personal touch. It is more of a thoughtful gift your man will definitely appreciate you for. So watch him, flaunt it at the next party or a beer get together.

#4. Travel map

Travel mapThis gift is definitely a couple should have at his home. Some people may say it is an unusual gift but once you have it you will definitely boast it. It is a perfect reminder of your adventures you have had together, or the upcoming ones. You can buy a ready-made one available online or offline or you can make it yourself since it is as fun to make as it is to give! You both can together pin or flag your next destination or your dream trip and put it on your living room as a reminder. It can also come in handy when you are in a dilemma planning your next trip just close your eyes and aim that dart onto any of the places. Plus point is that every tour you complete you can pin down a photograph on to the destination as a memory to remember.

#5. Gamer kit

Gamer kitMen are known to be hardcore gamers. It seems like they have been dragged back to their childhood when we see them romancing with the console of their PlayStation. And if you are the kind of a wife who loves to play along with your husband then you can bounce on this opportunity too. You can customize and prepare a gamer kit for your husband to have a good gaming experience. He will definitely fall in love with you all over again to have this as a gift. You can choose a gamer headset, with few CD’s of his favorite games combined with a gaming console. To add a bit of a quirk in it, you can add a pillow and a cookie jar and a mug to go with it. If you want to go a little overboard get him a customized t-shirt along printed with his favorite game character.

#6. LED Projector and Screen

LED Projector and ScreenIf your husband is an avid movie watcher and you both love to end the day by watching a movie, this is the perfect option to go with. With this you can also set up your own budget friendly screening theater at the space of your home. Not just movies but your man can also watch his favorite sport on it. Because who doesn’t love to watch it on a bigger screen?

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