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Are you wondering about if you should go for a job change? Is the decision about going for job change putting you in a dilemma or are you scared about making that important decision of your life? I guess everyone has to face those questions at some point in their life. Having understood that you also need to understand that the only way to be sure about something is giving it a shot.

Understand like this. Supposedly you are that beer in a sealed bottle which is desperate to come out of the bottle. If that sealed bottle is never opened the beer has to spend his life in that bottle but once the bottle is opened that beer can go to any glass. Similarly, if you also want to taste different opportunities available for you, what you need is coming out of the sealed zone of your life.

If you never come out of your shelf you will never really able to decide is your decision correct or not. Thus one needs to try everything before deciding about anything.

A lot of times even the rejected options or the least possible things which seems like mission impossible can become a reality, unlike our expectations. For that to make happen you need to step out of the comfort zone. It is obvious that you will feel scared to come out of the sealed life in which you have become so comfortable but the problem is you are not happy with what you are doing in your life.

So the best way to kill that sheer doubt of trying something new is to try that thing, nothing else can actually help you out.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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