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One of the hardest tasks to do while dating online is creating a catchy profile on a dating site. We talked to Alex Wise a relationship expert and personal coach from to get his top tips on making your dating profile work for you. “You want to be noticed but you cannot blatantly lie about who you are because one way or another you will get caught in your lies when dating” Alex says. Therefore, if you were thinking about putting up a picture of Megan Fox on the site and telling the world that you are a millionaire who loves adventure you may want to re – think those facts (or lies, rather.)
Dating sites are meant for people who are seriously into dating and looking for people who share their interests and needs. Not every site offers the same services so if you are interest in specialty dating or interest dating, then you should look for a dating site that offers your interest only such as Christian dating, homosexual dating, Jewish Dating, interracial dating and so forth.
Once you sign up, it is time to make that catchy profile. Remember start with the truth, but do not be too critical of yourself. What do you like to do? What makes you an attractive person? Don’t lie, but express yourself in a better manner than “Hey Guys, I love to hang out, watch TV and eat cake.” Try saying that you love going to the movies, going to concerts and anything else you actually do with your friends. Name some of your favorite TV shows but don’t list all 30 that you watch. 4 or 5 of your favorite shows should suffice. Say you have a sweet tooth and enjoy fine dining with the right special someone.
All of these examples will help catch the eye of someone special on your dating site. The way you express yourself will tell the person reading whether you are interesting or a dating loser. Have a friend check out what you wrote to see what they feel about it. It may even be better that your friend writes your profile for you since they will be able to say all of the things that they believe are fun and exciting about you, that you may neglect or may not think anything of.
Lastly, you need a photo. This should be a fun photo that shows potential dating site daters that you are ready to date and that you are a fun person. Let your glowing eyes pop out or your smile light up their life. If you do all of these things, you can rest assure that you have made a catchy profile for your dating site.
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