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From where the day’s root has started? Who was did it for the first time? And, why 1st April is known as ‘April Fools' day’? Actually, there are a lot of stories behind it, if you Google about it you might stick in between so many answers. The roots of the day are still not cleared, so I would suggest in spite of getting lost in thoughts, why not do some fun.

Because it doesn’t matter that from where the trend has come since it has gained worldwide popularity and also gave us a chance to prank and laugh. But remember your ideas should be too harsh that it will hurt someone, be polite while doing a prank as well. Once BBC tricked the whole nation and made everyone believe that spaghetti grow from trees in Switzerland, hahaha that was really hilarious, so why are you waiting then, think of a really fun prank or just follow ours from the list below. Happy pranking, guys!

#1 Make A Phone Call

You can prank your colleagues by making a phone call and tell everyone ‘meeting in 5 minutes’ and when everyone enters, you can reveal about your prank.

#2 Insect Bottle

You can paste a fake insect made with paper in your colleague’s bottle and prank on her/him.

#3 Balloon Prank

The balloon prank is the most hilarious one, try this at your office staircase door. Paste lots of balloons at the back of the door only of the glass, making it look like a balloon background. The one who will open the door first will get shocked by your prank because the person will think that there will be lots of balloons at the back of the door, but the reality only you and I know.

#4 Air Horn Under Seat

Set a small air horn under your neighbor's seat in your team, and when he/she will sit on the seat, the horn will blow.

#5 No Caramel Chocolates

You might have tasted caramel coated chocolate pop sticks, but what about caramelized onions.

#6 Chocolate Pickle

Ok, this is quite similar to the above one, but still, you can try it. Take a pickle, manage it to stay on ice-cream stick then dip it into liquid chocolate and serve to all your employees as treat. You can put all the pickle chocolate pop sticks on the table in a very lucrative way so that no can doubt on you.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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