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When something big happens in our life we remember God, when we just escaped the tragedy in our lives we remember God. God or Bhagwan as we call it abounds us all the time. Knowingly or unknowingly he shows up in every hour, minute, and second of the day, in the smallest of things around us.

Here are some examples of his goodness in our everyday lives.

1. Avoid any misfortune: Got hit by an accident or tragedy we surely remember God every time something bad happens in our life.

2. When we want to warn anyone from doing something wrong in their lives we do that in the name of God always. Don’t we?

3. Whenever we wished to have good in our lives we always pray/ remember God for bringing some good in our lives.

4. We have this belief that God keeps a watch on everything and everyone in life. This belief gives us strength that nothing wrong will happen.

Look at some of the dialogues that we use in our lives.

1. Bhagwan se daro tum

2. Bhagwan tumhe acha dulha de

3. Bhagwan jab dimakh de raha tha kaha the tum

4. Tumhare sath kuch galat nahi hoga Bhagwan sab dekh raha hai

5. Hey, Bhagwan sab sahi se ho jaye

6. Ache logo ke sath Bhagwan acha hi karta hai

7. Oh god!

No matter we question the existence of God or not but still we remember God in our lives, maybe because this idea has been implanted in our lives since forever.

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Author- Neha WadhwaDesign credits - Vikas Kakkar

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