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1st April popularly known as- April Fool’s Day worldwide. It has been celebrating be the people for years, but only a few know the reason behind it. As you will find so many reasons for its celebration, so it becomes hard to believe about which reason we should believe and on which not. So today I have come with a reason behind the day’s celebration, right from the day when it is celebrated in Europe and then soon started being celebrated across the world.

Historians believe the day started being celebrated when Pope Gregory XIII introduced the people about the Gregorian calendar and ruled that the new calendar starts from January 1 back in 1952, despite March end when New Year used to be celebrated.

It is believed that it was April 1st when the change of the calendar from Julian to Gregorian was initiated, hence the reason behind is to celebrate the day.

The first country to accept the concept of a new calendar and implemented it was France. But not all countries did the same. Some refused to adopt the concept of a new calendar and continued with the Julian calendar. Therefore, the ones who did not follow the new calendar started being considered as foolish and made fun of by those who accept the concept.

Now you must know the reason that the celebrated as an April Fool day. The day is looked forward for all of us to spread smile and fun in our surrounding, jokes and pranks generate fun and bring joy along. So you can do leg pulling the whole day without feeling any guilt.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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