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Can a county achieve 100% renewable energy? The answer is – yes. Over the years, more and more countries have obtained their power from renewable energy like solar, wind power, hydroelectric, and geothermal energy. Most of these forms of energy depend on the sunlight in one way or another. Due to the development of technology, we can now make our homes more energy efficient. It will not only benefit the environment, but it will reduce the energy bills. Here are some tips on how to achieve that goal.
A great amount of home’s heating energy is lost through windows. There is a great variety of window coverings which will not only reduce the energy loss and save you money, but they will also improve home comfort. If you go for operable ones, you can choose between blinds, shades, curtains or shutters. Flexibility is just one of their benefits. By opening and closing them, you will maximize light and heat from the sun, depending on which season you’re in. This is especially beneficial for people who live in countries like Australia which has near 3000 hours of bright sunshine a year. Having this in mind, its homeowners can choose between a large variety of shutters in Brisbane instead of other coverings. They can be made of a variety of materials and they are the most effective when it comes to reducing the solar heat.
After windows, the roof is the next important part of your home that you should make as energy efficient as possible. The prevention of energy loss is important because the roof is accountable for up to 25 per cent of the total energy loss. The first thing to consider when upgrading your roof is the choice of materials. Thermoplastic is the best choice due to its ability to reflect more than 80 per cent of the sun’s rays and it emits the great amount of solar radiation. All new houses in California will have solar panels built in over the next few years. That is an example others should follow. Other tips to consider are good roof insulation, a cool roof coating, and improving the ventilation. It will undoubtedly boost the efficiency of your roof.
In the UK, nearly 8 million homes with solid walls have no insulation. This leads to a heat loss that can be prevented by some simple improvements. One of the fail-proof ways to prevent this is to install thermal insulation. You will be surprised by the reduced amount of energy consumption and it will bring many benefits for the environment as well. The heat loss will be reduced by almost 70 per cent, and it will also lower the levels of CO2 and SO2 in the atmosphere. Another energy-saving tip is to change your wall colour. Light-coloured walls will not only make the dark rooms brighter, but they will also maximize the reflexion of natural light and therefore reduce the energy loss. Whether you choose the classic white or some light creams, try to keep the walls nice and bright. Yes, it may seem plain and dull, but it will leave you with endless options with accessorizing later on.
You may not be familiar with this, but your living room and bedroom are big users of energy. The first thing you should do is to replace all the light bulbs. Go for LEDs instead of incandescent and CFLs because they have a longer lifespan and they will keep the room cooler during hotter months. When leaving the room always remember to turn all the fans off. The same thing applies to other rooms as well. Turning off devices like gaming consoles, TV, or a DVD player can be a hassle, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Get one of those power strips to make sure everything that uses so-called vampire power is really off. Also, consider replacing the regular batteries with the reusable ones. It’s the small thing that will reap huge rewards.The problem with wasted energy has reached a global level and more and more people are becoming aware of it. The increase in a number of new energy efficient homes around the world only proves this fact. Following these tips will help you make your home more energy efficient and improve its current state. The important thing to remember is that no matter how small the changes are, they will have a great impact both on your budget and our planet.
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