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When we make less small talk, we speak a lot more about things that actually matter. While extroverts grab the gift of everyone’s attention by their talking, introverts win the hearts of many with their silence and silence is essentially an important aspect of communication. Having said that however a lot of time there occurs a situation when introverts find themselves in an awkward dilemma to ask or not.

Here are a few situations in our daily life which poses a challenging ‘challenge’ to the introvert.

Talking to people is like walking on a piece of cake for extroverts, introverts find it very difficult to talk to people. Yesterday only my phone discharge, because my charger was not working and luckily my roommate, was available in the room but it was so hard for me to ask her to give her charger. So yes, introverts find a lot of struggle in communicating, both known and strangers.

Considering another example, I recently encountered a stranger who also seemed like an introvert wanted a seat in the metro but she was so hesitant to ask anyone. I was clearly noticeable on her face. She tried asking but she failed in her attempt to grab a seat or either ask for it.

When everyone is chilling, introverts find an escape from social gatherings because they cannot just stand in the crowd. They find a problem in mixing up with the people.

But the worst part is people make fun of introverts. No doubts the way introverts can observe things extroverts cannot. Not able to communicate flexibly is just a trait then mocking at people is definitely not appreciable. Such people definitely need to get this thing in their head.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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