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Tinder, the app that allows choosing your date, and gives you a lot of options to get ready to mingle from single, has become an unparalleled platform to meet new people around you. From uploading AF picture to quirky bios, people try almost everything to attract people with their similar vibes. For finding a match on the app you have swipe right, and you don’t think that the person will be compatible for you, then you can reject them by swiping left, easy right! But do you know that most of us are attracted to the people after seeing their profession?

Professions have an equal role to play when it comes matches on Tinder along with attractive looks. While your Tinder bio is not-at-all similar to the LinkedIn bio. Still, your profession influences the person’s choice and push him/her here or there, when they are deciding whether to right swipe or not.

It is not like a trend that all the people on Tinder are following, actually according to psychology, your profession tells so many things about yourself; your interests, passion, how in person you are and etc, this also contribute towards an eventual healthy relationship.

If we talk about women, what are the professions’ of men they swiped right the most are creating jobs? They are an actor, writer, and photographer. As per the expert saying, women consider creative professionals more sensitive and communicative and this the reason why women are swiping them right.

Let us know-

Most Right-Swiped Jobs In India For Men By Women

And, as for women, men are swiping right for the women in India who are handling jobs that are considered as more men-centric such as accountant and engineer professions.

Gone those days when men want girls who are easy to control, now they are more attracted to ambitious women and women, on the other hand, are very far from the ‘mard-ko-dard-nahi-hota’ kind of men.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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