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Whatsapp is working on a feature that will automatically play one continuous voice notes after the other. In a report on Thursday, this information came to light that if you are receiving a lot of voice notes from your friends, now the Facebook-owned platform will start playing these notes one by one. This will not require you to press the play button for every audio file.

In the report of, it was reported that the Conservative Voice Message feature will need 2.19.86 Beta updates to receive activation from the server. If you want to check this feature, then tell your friend to send two or three voicemail continuously. If your message is played after the second voice message is playing automatically, then you are able to use this feature.

The second version of the Picture In Picture (PiP) feature is also being developed in 2.19.86 beta update. In the current first version, you can not switch the video without closing the video. Whatsapp is going to overcome this problem in the second version of this feature.

Apart from this, Whatsapp is also preparing to bring fingerprint authentication feature for Android smartphone users. This feature has already been given to IOS users. According to reports, Whatsapp has given the feature of fingerprint authentication in beta version 2.19.83.

After this update, users will be able to unlock their Whatsapp by using a fingerprint scanner. Users can activate this new Whatsapp app by going to the Users Privacy tab.

Like iOS, you can also set how long you will not need a fingerprint after unlocking the app. There is a time of 1 minute, 10 minutes and 30 minutes.

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