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As a parent, you would never want to believe that your treasurable bundle has a problem. However, neglecting little things in a backdrop of that thought can make a difference in the life of your child. Quite obviously a parent can spot the earliest warning signs of everything because as a parent you are in the best position to know your child better than anyone. You can observe those signs of quirky behaviors so never neglect them as it can have a huge difference.

These are some signs of autism which you definitely should pay attention to because early those signs are identified more good it is.

1. Doctors say that a sixth month makes little gestures like smiling back, holding the finger and probably they respond to your voice. If your baby is not showing any of these signs you should carefully examine the reason for it.

2. The autistic child always find difficulty in making eye contacts. These children lack some kind of confidence when they meet people.

3. Generally, a child responds when you call his/ her name but an autistic child will not give any such reaction.

4. It is said that an autistic child prefers to follow a specific routine. So if you try to make any adjustments or changes he won’t like at all.

5. A child will also show a lack of interest in playing with you, making any facial expressions and so on.

It is normal to have a delay in some of those signs because every child is different but if you notice most of these signs you should definitely consult a doctor.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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