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Moving house or relocating has to be one of the most stressful and emotional times is our lives. You’re sad about the place and the people you’re leaving behind, you are completely overwhelmed by all the packing and preparing that needs to be done, not to mention you don’t know exactly what the new place will be like.All this is daunting, especially when we’re moving with kids. There are so many details we have to pin down for them too, like schools or daycare. But don’t worry, we live in an age with so many resources that significantly lower the stress of moving. With the right tools, a lot of the uncertainty can be taken out of moving. When I moved to a new city, I discovered some tips that were tremendously helpful, and I know they will help any overwhelmed mover-to-be.
Calendar App
The first thing you need to have is a timeline of your move. You should know your moving date and if it’s months enough in advance, you can start working backwards to determine tasks and actions. You have to mark when you need to start organizing your possessions, giving things away and putting things in boxes. Your calendar should also include when you’re going to say your farewells to loved ones, this can get forgotten with all the moving madness. Each calendar entry related to the move will give you a visualization of what you need to do, making the process feel a lot more doable.
Whether you’re getting a moving company to transport all your stuff, or you’re doing a DIY relocation, it’s so necessary to have it scheduled. Moving companies in your area might need the leeway of a few months or weeks, so don’t leave this too late. Even if you’re moving your stuff yourself, have a schedule so you know when everything needs to be packed and loaded. If you’re moving a lot of stuff you’ll definitely need a trailer, and with places like this company with box trailers for sale, you can get one stress free.
Handy appliances and tools For When You Get There
When you move, it’s highly likely for the first few weeks you’ll be living out of boxes and struggling to figure out where to start with unpacking. It’s very wise to put the things you’ll need immediately so that you don’t get stressed out trying to find your vacuum cleaner, important medications, and chargers. These have to be as easy to find as possible. A trick I learned was to pack a box cutter because you’ll need to open some boxes immediately.
Google Street View
Getting used to a new place can be challenging, but technology can actually make it easier if you take advantage of it. If you’re starting a new job, it’s always helpful to visualize things like your morning commute and where you’ll do your groceries. You can take this a step further by using Google Street View to see what the neighborhood is like and how you will move around. It will make those first few weeks a lot less daunting and make exploring better.
A Safe Place for Important Documents
One of the biggest nightmares that happen when you move is not being able to find things like passports and other documentation when you reach your destination. It can take months to locate these things. When you pack, have a particular place for these things, something you can keep near you on the road. That way you’ll avoid a lot of headaches.
Your Smartphone Camera
Labelling boxes is a necessity, it helps you plan out how you’ll unpack and makes it easier to account for things. But there are boxes that contain all sorts of different accessories, ornaments and bits and bobs and you can’t always label boxes in a way that adequately explains what’s in it. So one of the best things to do in this case is to take photos of the box’s contents so that you remember where they are packed. It’s simple but so effective!
To Wrap Up
Moving doesn’t have to be the nightmare it was before the internet, smartphones and resources that are easy to find. With the right tools in place, you can be systematic and strategic as you prepare, and you can let tech do some of the work for you. Here’s a helpful checklist that will give you an idea of what needs to be done and when. Happy travels!
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