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Every group of friends has always at least one person who kinda takes care of everyone else when someone gets dumped he is being called when there is some good news he is being called when there is some dispute he is being called. So he is like some Godfather figure who would always come with some kind of solution to every problem.

But, there happens a problem when it is only you who is doing everything. When there is some party, it is only you who is spending money, when they need someone you are being called. All they are concerned is about their problem, their life, what they feel, what they think.

Friendship is about doing things without really bragging about you but when people don’t appreciate you for your efforts or what you do for them it is a clear indication that they are taking advantage of you.

So what are the signs which shows that you are doing too much for the wrong people?

1. Whenever they meet they will only talk about themselves, their problems, their life. They really don’t bother about what is happening in your life

2. They will never be there for you when you need them the most.

3. They will only talk to you when they need you.

4. You begin to feel those negative vibes from them because you feel like you are not having any valuable interactions with them.

So, what you should do when people start taking advantage of you. Should you completely cut off or should you allow people taking advantage of you?

One thing you need to understand that you cannot completely cut off from the people because the society complex network requires you to interact with the people. So what you need to do is maintain the healthy distance from such people. You can’t overdo things for people who are just using you.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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